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Brief history

The pre-university training center (initially – Pre-university training section) was founded in 1991. The main objective of the Center is the qualitative study of Romanian or English (depending on the students’ option) and the teaching of biology, chemistry, physics from a preparatory perspective for foreigners, potential students at one of the required faculties.

The first groups formed were Russian. Later, in 1992, a group was formed to study in Romanian.

With a considerable track record (more than 25 years), the Pre-University Training Center has kept in tune with the times, constantly adjusting and perfecting its study programs according to the university ones. In addition to the intensive Romanian/ Russian language courses, the following subjects were also included in the program of study: medical language, biology, chemistry and physics (subjects that provide a register of knowledge absolutely indispensable for candidates for admission to one of the medical faculties).

The center represents a significant didactic subdivision in the pre-university study. With the increase of the prestige of the Romanian language in the socio-political context of the Republic of Moldova and its restoration to its natural rights as a state language, the demand for its study from foreign students increases and, respectively, the demand for the study of the Russian language visibly decreases. Thus, in 2010-2016 there was a record number of international students, trained annually in Romanian, about 130-150 (from 10-12 initially).

Since 2011, "Nicolae Testemitanu" SUMPh decides to apply in the teaching of language subjects the requirements stipulated by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. According to these rigors, the Pre-University Training Section implements the European standards on language proficiency in the training and assessment of knowledge according to level B2. In this regard, the teaching materials, the thematic plans, the methodology for taking the exams are reviewed and elaborated, applying modern teaching techniques.

In 2017, in addition to the study of the Romanian language, the English language center was opened at the Pre-university Training Center, in order to ensure the quality and to improve the language skills of foreign citizens who require to study in English, but have some lack of knowledge of this language.

In 2019-2020, the Pre-University Training Center was a part of the Department of Romanian language and modern languages. Since this period, the center expands its activity, having as target audience:

• international first-year students of the Faculty of Medicine 2 and Faculty of Dentistry, who study Romanian as a foreign language, level A1-A2;

 • non- native first-year students of the Faculties: Medicine 1, Dentistry, Pharmacy, who follow the Romanian language course as a non-native language, level B2-C1;

 • international learners admitted to pre-university training courses (culture and civilization, medical language - biology, chemistry, physics), who will assimilate Romanian language, levels A1-B2.

The purpose of the Center is to develop an organizational culture of performance by disseminating and developing high quality knowledge, promoting modern student-centered education based on innovation and excellence by providing best practices in teaching, learning and assessment in line with the demands of a multilingual and multicultural society, offering students a welcoming and inclusive environment.